SECRETS BEHIND MY SMILE. What do you think of the Title for my Memoires ???????




What do you think of the Title for My Memoires?????    SECRETS BEHIND MY SMILE.

Please HELP me

Please HELP me.

Please HELP me

My Book-Memoires Are Finished as In have informed you ,It is with the Publishers,Hopefully  it will be on Sale by Christmass.Please put your creative thinking caps on and  find  a  Suitable TITLE for me!!!!  If you need to refresh your memory about my story Please Read        or Google.   I have pages and pages of Titles,None of it has knocked my socks off!   Pleas Think.

Thank you xx

I Have a Dilema!!!

As I informed you my friends that at long  last I have Finished my Memoires.100.000 Words!!!!  Now I have A BIG DILEMA! Do I Try to get a reputable Publisher Or do I  self publish My Story????   Sugestions,positive ones  are well come  .HELP!!!


OOPS!I got all carried away with my Blogging “SKILLS” Instead of Posting a new story I ptessed the wrong button and hey presto……my story about   Dreams come true…….appeared again,unfortunately I do not know how to remove it..Sorry to you all my Friends.We live and Learn… What with Blogging,Face booking.E-mailing and Tweeting!!!!.oh and Linked in!!! It is quite Exhotsting.So please have  Some understanding With this Silver Surfer!!x


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