Life is for living


And I certainly have done so!

This year has been very good to me. I never knew how much you could cram in from the moment you open your eyes til you close them.

The saying, To have another bite of the cherry, is highly underestimated. In my case I’m happy to say that have got a mouthful of cherries. I have to be very careful and keep to the original motto or else I might choke on the pips.

I am happy to say that my public speaking is keeping me very busy, it is a great privaledge and honour to still be able to share my experiences during the Holocaust and my experiences in later life.

I have visited many schools this year and I am happy to say that I have been invited back to many. Which I am always looking forward to.

One of the highlights was being invited to speak at the prestigious Ashridge Cirlce in Eastbourne at the Congress Theatre. (Well over a 1000 in the audience.)

I’ve had various book signings, talking at luncheons, Rotary clubs, Ladies Circles, church groups and WI Meetings.

My  audiences have no age limit as I can adjust my talks.

It is important to pass on and share the experiences, so the people can learn and remember, ‘There for the grace of God go I’!

I am a strong believer that everybody has the same rights for life and living, regardless of colour, creed and religion.

I would like to take this opportunity and wish everybody a peaceful festive season.


Why not have a good read for Christmas xx

This testimonial is so nice.

Photo post by @doritoliver.

Source: This testimonial is so nice, I would love to share this with all you my friends. I am treasure of the Eastbourne Medical Society, and on the 17th of May we were entertained by Dorit Oliver Wolff with a talk entitled”Yellow Star To Pop Star”. This charted Dorit’s life from a five-year old Hungarian Jew to her life as a singer, and pin-up for Germany troops. Her presentation was fascinating shone through. The psychology of the survivor was very evident. I think it would be fair to say that her audience was riveted from the first sentence. The photos of her life were moving in the extreme, her description of her horrors that she lived through, and her amazing coping strategy of song, was memorable and very uplifting. I feel that Dorit should be encouraged to speaker to every child of school age, and every politician in the world. We need enthusiastic, honest articulate speaker to help ensure that the world is freed from such terrors for evermore, (although, sadly it seem prevalent in many countries again, when will mankind ever learn?) I would thoroughly recommend Dorit as a speaker to all age groups, I think her clear presentation would make children aware of the situation, even if most of them cannot comprehend a world where occasional potato peelings are a dietary treat! Or a world where your ancestry leads you to be a potential target for the authorities to murder. I think that adults might re-evaluate their feelings about refugees, and migrants. please keep up the good work Dorit. Thank you for your testimonial.