I love Croydon!

Signing books at an exhibition at The Winter garden , Eastbourne May 30th & 31st 2015
Signing books at an exhibition at The Winter garden , Eastbourne May 30th & 31st 2015

Croydon was the first place where we lived before we came to settle in Eastbourne. It has been lovely to go back to Croydon, first to have the interview on Radio Croydon with the wonderful interviewer Janet Smith. Then the article by Polly Albany-Ward in the Croydon Advertiser on the 14th August 2015. She too was a great interviewer (we could have taked for ages).

It took me back down memory lane to when we first arrived. My daughter, three, just starting kindergarten and my son being born in Kings College Hospital. My appearance in Fairfield Halls with McDonald Hobley, Nicholas Parsons, Roy Hudd, Roy Budd and Roy Castle. (Three very talented Roys). Those were the days.

Croydon has changed so much! The one-way system drove my husband nuts! Even the sat-nav sent us around the same roundabout three times! Not to mention the speed traps! I feel safer in Eastbourne and this is my home now. Now I can relax a bit because my book has been published. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Yellow-Star-Pop-Holocaust-sensation/dp/1910453099

Getting ready to start my next book!


From Yellow Star to Pop Star

Book Cover front

My dear Friends,

I am back!

For a while you have not heard from me.  I have been preoccupied with finishing my memoires and having them published!  Here they are …

The most remarkable thing about my story  is that it is not fiction.

This is about how I have seen the Holocaust as a 5 year old Jewish girl.  Living for years in hiding in Hungary.  Fearing the Nazi soldiers who were determined to kill every Jew.

After the war I was given 6 months to live by the doctors. I weighed 3 stone, lost my hair and was too weak to stand up.  Singing kept me alive. I survived against all odds.

My story is a success story and the Holocaust is only a part of it. Having emigrated to Israel in 1948 my nomadic life started.  I joined a dancing Troup in Istanbul and toured the Middle East in various seedy night clubs. I studied by day and sang and danced at night.

A talent scout spotted me in Germany (ironically) and that is where the rest of my life started.  Tense, moving and inspirational – my remarkable story takes the reader through fear and horror to freedom and joy. It shows how the bravery and fortitude of one little Jewish girl helped her survive the Holocaust and became a star.

From Yellow Star to Pop Star

Dorit Oliver-Wolff

Available on www.amazon.co.uk

ISBN 978-1910453094

Please, promote my book on your websites!

My memoires have been Published.

From Yellow Star to Pop Star by Dorit oliver Wolff Has been Published by Red Door publishing!They made a great job!  the Book Cover is Fantastic.

The Book Launch was a great success .I sold 50 signed Copys  at the Launch!

my Book is available on Amazon  and can be ordered from all good bookshops.or you can order it from me,and I will Sign it for you .www.doritoliverwolff.com

“Services to Education 2015” Award

Award for Ed 2015_02

I am the WINNER!  I cannot find the words to describe how grateful and honoured I feel to have been presented with the Award for “Services to Education 2015”. Thank you very much for all those who voted for me! I am humbled. My talks in schools and colleges are a great pleasure. I strongly believe that learning how to communicate and build bridges between people of different creed, colour and religions our only hope for a better future. This is my message.

Angmering college

The Students and Teachers in Angmaring Colege were great!the question time took well over an hour!!What a joy it was to answer the Inteligent Questions. If the World Would Have More Schools and Colleges like Angmaring and The other Fantastik Educational places that I had the Great Privilege To visit And Share My Life Experiences During The Holocaust , as a 5 year old jewish girl. Last week I visited Havant academy and Selsea academi also Uckfield college, When I go to St. Pauls It feel like comming Home. With fantastic people like these. The world would be a better place and Humanity will have a chance to live in Harmony!