Against All Odds

I am a holocaust survivor.  I have seen the  holocaust through my eyes, a little Jewish girl.  My life’s drive has been surviving.   I am not a victim.  I am a survivor.

For as long as I can remember I always wanted to be a singer. My first taste of fame came at the age of four when I sang and danced in front of the future king of Yugoslavia.

I spent most of my childhood in hiding from the Nazis in Budapest.  No matter where I was, in a concentration camp or in an air raid shelter I
sang at every opportunity, especially when I was frightened.  Singing was my only constant companion.

At the end of the war I was nine years old, weighted about two stone, lost my hair, had pneumonia, pleurisy, and anorexia. Not because I refused to eat but simply there was no food.  I could hardly walk.  I was not a very pretty sight.  The doctors gave me six months to live.  Perhaps  my singing kept me alive?

In one way I was lucky to be so young when the war started because I did not realize the horrors of my situation as I did not know any different, nothing to compare it with.  On the other hand I was robbed of my childhood.

Even now after so many years my war memories still haunt me.  It is not that I want to remember, it is simply I CANNOT FORGET… Over seventy years have passed and my very existence is still truly an unbelievable miracle to me.

My passion for music has never left me. At the age of twenty one I cut my first record with Philips – Fontana Recording Company. This became an instant hit. Many more records followed.  This success led me to perform in major cities in Europe.  I had a multilingual repertoire.  My command of nine languages came in very useful.

The journey from the holocaust to an internationally recognized professional singer was an amazing dream come true.  This  journey I would like to share with you.

I can offer talks on






2 thoughts on “Against All Odds

  1. Kenneth Whiting

    Dorit, I think you are a wonderful person. Recently, I listened to you on B.B.C. Radio 4 and I felt almost moved to tears. I am a 75 year old English man, so I can almost begin to understand what your childhood must have been like.
    Dorit, PLEASE write your memoirs; I am sure it would be a best seller and should be essential reading for all ages.
    With love and best wishes from Ken.

    1. Hi Ken,
      Thank you for your kind and encouraging Words. I have just finished My memoires Am waiting for a publisher to grab the story and publish it !!
      I am a public speaker,i talk in Colleges,schoolls,Educational conferences.I talk to who ever wants to hear the TRUE experiences of how life was during the Holocaust for some people! I talk about how I have Survived.I never realised that my Childhood was not normal,had nothing to compare it with! Only later,much later when i had Children Of my Own,did I recapture my own lost childhood. Now I have 5 grand children,
      I look at them ,and silantly deep down in my heart i cry,for that little inocent girl that once was ME . .
      I talk about Building Bridges between people,We all have the same Right for LIFE. I Talk about That it is wrong to persecute, bully or kill people just because they are of a different cread,colour or Religion! Non of us have a choice in to which Familly We are borne into! We have the choice NOW!!!!
      The choice to stand by,and do nothing….Or Speak up.dont let it happen again! So much to say…So little Time left.
      Hope my memoires will be soon published and you can read All about It
      Best wishes

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