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4 thoughts on “my leaflet

  1. Why not join a group of holocaust survivors with a project called Courage to Care.
    Talking about your and my story re the war and trying to get through to the kids
    that bullying is bad. Look on the web under Courage to Care, Sydney and contact
    Vicky or Ernie. Or ring B’nai B’rith in Yurong street, Surry Hills.
    We are survivors plus children of survivors and others. mostly but not all, Jewish
    Best wishes, Joe

    1. ery much for sending me the information. i was very impressed and want to know more about your project and will look it up on the website. i will be in touch on my return home. regards, Dorit

  2. Jean Clark

    Hello Dorit – I was very humbled to read your story in the Eastbourne Herald today and would like to know more about your background and your struggles from being a Holocaust survivor to becoming an international, professional singer. I’m unable to read your leaflet online, which is a pity!
    Would you consider talking to BBC Radio Sussex about your experiences? I do research for a regular programme there. Would you be happy to sing? Or have one of your recordings played?
    Perhaps you’d be kind enough to let me know.
    kindest regards,

  3. DearJean, I am delighted that you contacted me. I would be very happy to talk on the BBC. and play my records. We can also talk about my book in progress. I will be away for a few days and as soon as I return I will be contacting you. Best regards, Dorit

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