Against All Odds:
From Holocaust survivor to International recording artist

Talks by Dorit Oliver Wolff

I am a holocaust survivor … there are not many of us left and I hope I can share this with your school,  allowing your students to think about History and their place in it as well as encouraging them to recognise that if we are lucky enough to have a choice in the path our lives take, we should  take every opportunity to be the best version of ourselves that we can be.

I was only five years old when the Second World War started in Yugoslavia and I was nine when the war ended.  The memories that I can share with you are first hand, shaped only by my adult understanding of what happened to me.

In the following years I lived in Israel, worked  as a dancer, was adopted by a German family, studied International Law and Languages and became a successful recording artist.

The Holocaust ended over 60 years ago, but Man’s inhumanity to Man continues decade after decade.  As educators we examine what it means and can mean to be human as part of PHSE, History or Philosophy/RS syllabi.

I can talk to your students on variety of issues such as:  human survival in extremely dangerous and impossible situations, hope against all odds,  withstanding bullying and fighting for one’s right to live and more.

My stories are real and true; many are moving and they are all informative and educational.  I hope that they inspire young people to stand up for their rights and for the rights  of others and that they stimulate a deeper insight into the value of an individual human life and the importance of appreciating each other’s ethnic, cultural and religious differences.

I can attach a copy of my brochure for your perusal re the choice of topics I can offer.  The emphasis of each talk can be adapted to suit your particular area of interest,  whether it is in History, ethical /philosophical debate, or part of a PSHE curriculum.


letting go

There are times when this overwhelming urge gets hold of me and I know I have to write and put my soul on paper.  This is one of many.

The urge to live life in the fast lane

Has become an obsession with me

If only I knew how to let go

Let go of the past

Let go of the pain

Let go of others

Let go of me

Just drifting in weightlessness

In noman’s land

Without gravity

to pull me in either direction

Just drifting

In eternal harmony

With nature and myself

In unity with the omnipotent force

Where time stops

And the endless loop

Of eternal continuity

Takes away the fear of entering one’s time

Of the inevitable end


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