letting go

There are times when this overwhelming urge gets hold of me and I know I have to write and put my soul on paper.  This is one of many.

The urge to live life in the fast lane

Has become an obsession with me

If only I knew how to let go

Let go of the past

Let go of the pain

Let go of others

Let go of me

Just drifting in weightlessness

In noman’s land

Without gravity

to pull me in either direction

Just drifting

In eternal harmony

With nature and myself

In unity with the omnipotent force

Where time stops

And the endless loop

Of eternal continuity

Takes away the fear of entering one’s time

Of the inevitable end

One thought on “letting go

  1. Elisabeth Grund-Schneider

    Dear Dorit
    you already have what you are searching for but you can’t see it because the emotional baggage and pain cloud your perception . The fire of life has helped you to become who you are now, a radiant being on the threshold, but each fire also creates smoke like each experience evokes an emotional response: pain,fear in anticipation of pain,regrets and so on. None of what you had to go through makes sense, if you think you only live this once- out of nothingness and back into nothingness, but everyone has to find out about that her/himself as well.It is this fire , your joy of life pushing you further .The ‘Me’ is only the carriage for you like your body,like your voice a means of communication. If you want to find out more about the fire and the smoke, your son has a book or two which will help you to be where you long to be.
    PS: Please give my regards to Mark.

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