Talking live on BBC Radio Sussex

On Friday at about 4.25 pm.  Iwill be talking to Sarah Gorrel on BBC Radio Susex about the Holocaust and how wrong it is to persecute people because they have a different religion, cread or colour!

How we all have a choice to choose to do the right thing! And how this must not happen again not to the Jewish people not to any body.

I am a holocaust survivor, and life is very precious to me.  Not many of us are left who have survived.

It is our duty to speak out!  Tune in and send in your comments. Ask for more exposure …


I need some more time

I can feel my life trickling away like sand through my fingers
The ticking sound of the clock is beckoning me
Come, come, come,
I try to live two hours in one,
I fear death and yet I know not how to live
Will I learn in time ?
To make peace between my soul and my mind
Will I have time to find the truth?
So many questions, so many plans,
So many wishes, so little time.
And the ticking sound of the clock is still beckoning me
Come, come, come
How much time is there still in stock for me?
What takes more courage to live or to die
The panic is striking!
Which way shall I turn?
Will I go to heaven or will I burn?
Just a little longer I need some more time
If only for the last time,
To smell the flowers and talk to the trees

lifelong runner

For I am what I was

and what I was I am

a little girl

who was hiding in fear

there was no time for shedding a tear

forever on the run

no time to stop no time to cry

forever on the run from everyone

meeting new faces learning a new tongue

no time for resting

no time for fun

I stopped for a while

and found shelter and a smile

you wiped my tear and kissed away my fear


a lifelong runner

knows not how to stop

I found myself running driven by fear

no one to stop me

nowhere to go

I am so weary I want to come home

will you stil have me I need your love so

for I am stil that little girl

frightened and nowhere to go

Holocaust Memorial Day

On the 27th of January is Holocaust Memorial Day.  It is a marvellous gesture to dedicate a day to the Holocaust victims, but unfortunately none of the dead will be brought back to life again.

In my opinion, this should not only be a memorial to the Jewish Holocaust victims who lost their lives under horrendous circumstances.  As I am a survivour of the Holocaust and there are still a few of us left, we should make sure that part of this day is dedicated to the present and future generation and do our best to prevent anything like that ever happening again.

This message I am trying to put through to my audiences when I hold talks be it in schools or other venues.  I feel this is my mission to remind people how very wrong it is to ostracize, punish and kill others for having a different race, creed or colour.