Holocaust Memorial Day

On the 27th of January is Holocaust Memorial Day.  It is a marvellous gesture to dedicate a day to the Holocaust victims, but unfortunately none of the dead will be brought back to life again.

In my opinion, this should not only be a memorial to the Jewish Holocaust victims who lost their lives under horrendous circumstances.  As I am a survivour of the Holocaust and there are still a few of us left, we should make sure that part of this day is dedicated to the present and future generation and do our best to prevent anything like that ever happening again.

This message I am trying to put through to my audiences when I hold talks be it in schools or other venues.  I feel this is my mission to remind people how very wrong it is to ostracize, punish and kill others for having a different race, creed or colour.

6 thoughts on “Holocaust Memorial Day

  1. I agree that it is important that Memorial days like this are observed, because as you say it is vital that anything like the Holocaust never happens again. I also think that as a survivor it is good that you are spreading knowledge about the Holocausts horrific events, for the same reason that the more people who know about it the less likely such an horrendous mass genocide is to happen again.

    1. sadly ,it is stil happening all over the world .elisa and i went to brighton to attend the holocost memorial day meeting with some survivers,MarionBlumenthal Lazan was the speaker,she has writen a book abaut her experiences in the concentration camp.Ifelt like looking in the mirror,paralel lives!different life axperiences when the war ended.my singing kept me alive even after i was given 6 month to live due to mallnutrition.eventualy i became a successful recording artist and toured europe,ironicaly it was the german public who made me famos!all it prooves that if u persue ur dreams u can get lucky.it was a very long jerney from a little girl who survived the holocost to fulfill her ambition .now i have the urge to share my story I talk to schools.clubs on radio.people r becoming too blase, complacent,taking it all for granted,it is wrong to kill ,persecute or bully people if they have a different religion,cred or colour!I will b talking ob BBC radio susex at 4 20.on the 27 th with Sarah Gorrell.Elisa is helping me with typing my story.then i hope to find a publisher.even if only few people stop to think,that there is a choice to do the right thing , there is always a choice! if i can achive to make young people realise that each of us can choose as individuals, make our own mindes up ,not just follow ,.any way i feel very passionate abaut this mesege,it only needs few to understand,it can make all the difference!!!Life is such an exeptional gift,no one has the right to take something away that they can not give back. good night.

      1. True, in recent times we have seen genocides in Rawanda of Tutsis by the Hutu majority, and ‘ethnic cleansing’ of Croats by Serbs. Also, I am worried that with the economic downturn in Europe, certain ethnic tensions may grow stonger and more dangerous in the near future. For example, in Russia the far right movement is becoming very popular, and in Germany a group was recently found to be murdering Turkish immigrants. I often ask myself, can it happen again in Europe, albeit with diffrent faces? I hope not.

        I have read some good holocaust survivor stories, all of which have moved me very deeply. There is something that stirs your deepest emotions in reading about such great suffering. Your story sounds inspiring, it is a credit to the human spirit that singing could keep you alive and amazing that as singing was the thread you clung onto to preserve your life, it changed into rope that you could climb to find success (if you understand my bizarre metaphor!).

        Again, I think it is good that you are getting your story out there as such horrendous events must never be repeated. But unfortunately, I do share you fear that people have become ignorant of the horrors. Plus from what I have seen, the people who might carry out such atrocities in the future are exactly those who are least likely to be educated about the past.

  2. Dear MM.
    Just flicked through my old Blog meseges and read your coment again! You make lots of sence,I realy enjoyed reading it again. your coments are realy valuable to me.on the 29 th I will Be Talking at the Hydro Hotel in Eastbourne,I am very Exited as this is the second time I have been asked to return ,as the tickets were sold out the first time! I am not only Talking about the Sad experiences during the Holocaust, I will be talking about my double life in Istanbull,A Belly dancer at Night….A school girl during the day finishing my Bacaloriat..About my time,in germany Singing my way through the Jazz Clubs,Falling asleep during the lectures in the University, Becoming a POP STAR….The Holocaust is just one part of my life,the rest followed as the consequence of what has happened to me becouse of the Holocaust!
    I like chatting to you.
    best wishes Dorit

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