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Testimonial – Dorit Oliver Wolff

A large audience of Sixth Formers and Upper Fifth Form pupils were entertained to a fascinating and totally absorbing lecture given by Dorit Oliver Wolff. In her lecture she described her experience as a young girl who survived the holocaust, using a number of very personal memories to convey the inhumanity of the conditions she had to survive. However, she also conveyed very clearly the chance events, some would say providence, that resulted in that survival with great clarity, touching all who were there.

Without a microphone, and with the aid only of a number of photographs, she held the attention of an audience of teenagers throughout. In her presentation, which was beautifully pitched to challenge and provoke thought amongst the ablest and oldest in the audience and the youngest, she held the undivided attention of all. Her humour, her strength and her humility came across strongly. There was no evidence of anger and no agenda other than to tell it how it was for her. After the lecture she was generous enough to answer the questions of the many who stayed behind to hear more about her story.

I thoroughly recommend Dorit to any audience. Hers is a story that should be told to as many as possible, and not just because those who are able to speak lucidly about their experience of the holocaust and the way it impacted on their lives are now few. It provided insight into the huge variety of reactions at the time to her plight, and as such revealed much about human nature. Hers was a most moving lecture, but also an extremely uplifting one.

Julian Withers

History teacher

Brighton College