At the Hydro Hotel on the 29 th August Again.

On the 13 of July I will be talking  to the students  of St.Richards College in Bexhill.

It is always a great pleasure to talk to young people abaut my experiences during and after the Holocaust.

I will be talking about beeng in the holocaust as a 5 year old little jewish girl,living in hyding from the nazis

being robbed from my childhood , never knowing  where we would get shelter for the night,  or when we would  eat next.When the war ended i was9 years old weighed 3 st,lost my hear ,could not walk.DR’s

gave me 6 month to live”.Against All Odds” I have survived,I achieved my Dream !I became a internationaly Known recording artist.My records are still being played in Germany  after50 years!!

I will  Talk abaut how wrong it is to hate ,and bully people only because they are of a different  religion,cread or collour.WE should all have the same right  to live!





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