On the 29th of …

On the 29th of August I have been asked   bach to the HYDRO HOTEL in EASTBOURNE  to talk


about my experiences during the Holocaust in Budapest as a 5 year old little Jewish girl,a life of fear,hunger,never  knowing where we could sleep, We were hiding from the nazis..I was 9 years old when the Russians liberated us from the Germans .We spent 9 month hiding in the cellar,no lights,no heating,at night my mother with few others who were also hiding ,they would sneek out and raid the bombed shops.If discovered they would have been shot on the spot! But there was no choice.I was so undernurished that i have lorst my hair,could not walk,i waighed less the 3 stones.the DR.gave me 6 month to live! I have survived AGAINST  ALL ODDS.  not only did I survive, but I achieved my life long ambition and became an

Internationaly known recording artist a POP STAR in germany!My story is full of exiting adventures,some Funny,some sad,but it is my true Lifes Story that of a survivor not a Victim.I will be playing some of my Hit recordings.


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