Only 5 days to …

Only 5 days to go,before  my talk at the Hydro Hotel In Eastbourne! I am pleased to say that ALL the tickets have been sold.  I will be Talking about my Experiences, Hiding    in Budapest from the nazis as a 5 jear old little Jewish!girl.About My double Life in Istanbul ,Bellyy dancer At night,School Girl in a convent during the day! a unique story.!

Then my life in the limelight. I became a well known POP STARin Germany. I am Looking foreward to speak At the Hydro Hotel,such a beautyfull  place, so wellcomming, I do love the HydroHotel,If I get The chance to take a photo

i will post it next time!



2 thoughts on “Only 5 days to …

  1. Michel Thorpe

    Hello Dorit. Thank you for a great talk. Loved my meal and listening to you. Hope to see yo again soon.
    Kind regards
    Michel and Valerie. X

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