Glad to say that my Talk at the Hydro Hotel Was a sell out,about a week befor the Talk!

The Hydro is such a nice venue, and the Audience  was Great.

The age group  of the audience is mixed and that makes it so much more Interesting.There are people who remember the Bliz,and the food shortage,the coupons,the Bombs.Lucky you did not have the Nazis.We all have our own story to tell. Often after my talk we exchange memories   with the guests.My talks about my life experiences during the Holocaust  as a 5 year old little girl who escaped the gaschambers .In my teens I had to lead a double life,schoolgirl during the Day ,Belly dancer at night in Istanbul ,and Against All Odds I  became  POP STAR in Germany,I always point out that I am not a victim, I am a Survivor.My Audiences are very suportive,and I get Lots of Huggs After My talk. A big thank you to every.    one who came to listen to me.

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