Poetic Moan

At times I feel That i am Sliding Down,Down in to a deep,dark nothingness.

I am Loosing my self,,my selfconfidence.

Feeling of being tolerated rather then seeking my company.

Being scrutanised through enormous Magnifying Glaces

The smallest ,miniscule little speck,turnes in to a monumental colosus.

much much larger then my persona.

my love seems to have become a burden

unpleasent like a spot that ought to be squeezed out!

When did all this happen?

When have I turned in to this speck of invisible unimportence?

perhaps I have lived all along under the Ilusion that I mattered.

wanting to be with,worth listening to,

Sharing, asking,giving,laughing.

a hugg without a reason,a quick phone call only to say “hallo”

I had All That,not so long ago.

Not now.Not any more.