On the 26th of january 2013 I have the honour to join the speackers in Hasingsat.The

Holocaust Memorial  Day Service  at St.Marys  in the Castle  11 am.

Build A BRIDGE is the theme of the service.

Produced by Haistings and district Jewish society,Christian friends of Israel and the council of Christians and Jews with support from Haistings Borough Council.

As a holocaust survivor I believe that the only way Forewards is to Build A bridge   between Nations, We are All  People, It is wrong to persecute or kill people becouse of their difference in religion creed or colour! We have to learne  to respect each other,to respect that life is  of the same value  to all of Us.Too many Lives have Been lost  simply becouse we look for faults in each other rather then  see the similaritys.



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