Holocaust Memorial day service.

To have been invited to talk at the Holocaust memorial day Service,It was an Honour and a privilage!
To have survived is still a surprise to me.Not many of us are alive and able to speak up and tell their story
During the Holocaust. Millions of Inocent People have Been Tortured ,Gassed,Stripped of their posessions but mainly stripped of their dignity! This has realy happened!!!!!It is not a Good P.R.job.We all have to remember and remind people so that it should never again be allowed to happen!
Building Bridges,listening to each other,regardless of our differences in Cread ,colour or religious denomination.
Non of us can choose in to which religion we will be borne ,we have no choice,but we can choose later if we are going to just stand by and do nothing,or speak up and be a better person!
Seeing on paper the no.6 million,does not have the same impact as if you were to visualise, say the people of Sussex
would all be killed!!This is realy a chilling thought, but in reality that is what 6 milion and more killed might look like.
Their only Crime(if you can call it crime)was that they were Jewish!
We all have the same right for LIFE,Not only the jewish people have been persecuted and killed.It is still going on!
Will we Ever Learn?.The memories of the Holocaust do not just go away because it was a long time ago! It is always part of my life.Not that I want to remember ,I simply can not forget !When I was speaking at the Holocaust memorial day service in st.Mary at the castle in Haistings and christ church Eastbourne then The Town Hall Eastbourne sharing some of my experiances,it did not seem as if so many decades have passed,I was back in Budapest and that bad woman came and spat at me and shouted,”you stinking Jew”I was only 5 years old.Now I am 77.and i can still remember as if it was yester day.
On the 1st of Feb.I am Invited to Speak to the students of ST PAULS in Burges Hill.
I am realy Looking foreward ,it is So very Important to share with the young people the real experiences during this terrible genoside. Having survived the holocaust i can answer questions,If only a hand full of students can learn and stand up or speak up one day ,when someones life could be saved through it.
Once my Book of my memorie,that of a 5 year old girl to a pop star will be published,I will be able to share so much more.


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