st.pauls 1st. Feb.2013.

So looking foreward for tomorrow when I will be visiting St.Pauls catholic Schooll in burges Hill.

I have been Invited to tell my life experiences During the Holocaust in Budapest as a 5 year old little jewish girl.

I have been robed of my childhood,but to me it seemed normal,never knowing where we would sleep,not knowing when we would eat,afraid of being discovered by the nazis. I though  every body lived like this .I had nothing to compair it with.As it happened My mother did the right Thing!  by hyding we escaped the gasschambers.When the war ended and Hungary was Lyberated by the Rusion ArmyI was 9 years old,So undernurished , I had lost my Hair,could not stand,had pneumonia waighed 3 st.  the Dr.gave me 6 month to live!   But   as you see      I am here to share  my story.    I AM A SURVIVOR!!!   aliv

I had an amazing Life,Singing kept me alive,Singing freed me from my bad memorys I could escape in to my own World!

I got a music Scolarship in yugoslavia,emigrated To Israel.went to a convent Schooll in Istanbul,Deported to Germany, returned to Istanbul as a Belly dancer at the age of 16,to finish my bacaloriat,thus  I had a double life!,

enrolled in to the University of Munchen.Discovered my love For JAZZ.

got signed up by a recording company.My first record was a Hit.ironicaly it was the German Public who made me in to their Singing STAR

I have setteled in the south of  England     this  is my Home .For few years now I have been a public speaker and talk  to Schoolls,colleges,educational talks about the Holocaust and why it must not be forgotten!  The young people have to realise that there is a Choice in life,To speak up or just stand by and do nothing. I feel  I have to speakup for so many who can not speak any more

Some one has to!.











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