St,paouls much talent!!

Last night frank  and I were invited to see the musical show “whistle in the Wind” produced and performed by the     St.Pauls Catholic College in Burges Hill. This    invitetion  was as a result to my talk to the pupils on the 1st feb.This was an Educational Talk about the second world war and the Holocaust.

I shared my memorys and my experiences  during the Holocaust as a 5 year old little girl.This talk was a truly memorable  experience.

Both the teachers and the pupils were exeptionaly friendly and interested. Thank you Clair Rooney!The cast was perfectly chosen,The performers were Talented and each and evry one very proffesional!  Seldom have I ever heared so much Talent and beautifull Voices,so much feeling,  this production could be well come and be succsessfull on any stage! congratulations to the Production team and the magnificent in put by the orcestra.Matt Burke was amazing. much appresionation to  every one who was involved in any way to make this wondefull production possible.I a specialy enjoyed sitting next toMr.Rob Carter the head master,His face was gleeming with pride!And he had every reason to be proud,both of his teachers and his students!,

Thank you Evrery one who gave us this great Evening,Hope  to be with you soon again!

Love to you all

Dorit and Frank xx





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