Great News!

The Women and Home Magazeen had a competition “MEMOIRES” I have entered  it,for the first time ever did I enter any writing competition.In this month isue the Winner was Anounced,Sadly it was not me,How ever I am a runner upper,this is so Amazing,there were 500 or so entries.The prize is a Kindle and an introduction to a Literary Agent  in the next week or so.I am  soooo exited!Hopfully

This will give me the oportunity to be intoduced to the right Publishers. I just need to have my Memoires published befor I ckick the bucket!   On the 13th april at 9 am  I will be intervewed  by the BBC  radio 4 live .This is  So Great.  There is never  enough sayed about the consequences of the Holocaust  other then at the anual memorial service. The War,The memories of,the aftereffects  the pain, do not just disapear becouse one is told it is over! whilst  it  is fatal to pick on the csabbs, one has to turn the pages of the book of life,it is not over it never will be. History is repeating it self!!!      If it is not the Jewish people it is some other Ethnic minority who are being victimised!

We humans do not seem to live as if we accept that one day we will DIE!

what ever our beliefs are,  this life as we know it will end,Why not try and  build bridges amongst us,learn about the similaritys we share, not dweling on our differences which only causes pain and hatred! I am looking foreward  to my Intervew and the Publishing of my  life experiences    in my Memoires,Lust wanted to Share my  good News with you All xx


7 thoughts on “Great News!

  1. Anne Mason

    You MUST publish your story. I have just listened to part of your broadcast on Saturday Live and came straight on here to buy your book. I am disappointed to find it doesn’t exist, but will keep looking and wish you every success in your quest to get your memoirs published.

  2. Dear Dorit, I have just heard you on the radio – thank you so much for telling this story. My Mum and Dad are Holocaust survivors – my Dad (Rudi Vrba) escaped from Auschwitz because he over heard the SS talking about the Hungarians coming – also my Mum (Gerta Vrbova) was in Hungary and Slovakia at the time. Her book is called Trust and Deceit. I would like to publicise their stories too. Your talk on the radio was brilliant. Best Zuza Vrbova

  3. Jarvine

    Your radio talk was overwhelming…..thank you for your courage and love to stay with us in this world to show us the way…


  4. John Allaway

    Just heard you on Radio 4 and was moved to tears by your story. You really do need to write a book because your story is very important. I hope all your talks are recorded and collated somehow: evrything you say about your childhood and later life has great historic value and contains lessons for us all. I liked your singing too!

  5. Doe Kan

    Hello Dorit, I stopped my day’s activities and paused to hear you talk today on Radio 4. Your voice and description of all that you experienced was so moving and I hope you will write a book very soon so we never forget what you suffered. You are a true and beautiful inspiration. Thank you for having the courage to share your experience with us. I look forward to buying your book!

  6. Colin Gething

    Heard your interview on saturday live today and would love to hear one of your public talks. very inspiring and full of hope. Thank you for sharing this story…

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