BBC radio 4 LIve My interview!

On the 13 april at 9 am  I have been invited to have an Interview at the BB C 4 radio live. I have been  Interviewd by Sian Williams And Richard Coles. I am still Buzzing,What an amazing experiance! I felt at ease when i was asked questions. There is allways some thing you want to say ,but time is limited,triyng to remember what I left out or if I should have added that , keep on repeating on my mind constantly!Chris Wilson the Producer was AMAZING!  very kind,well organised,and put every one at ease! A real pleasure and priviladge to have been asked to partake  in his program.When I was told how many people will be listening then my knees became a bit like jelly.

I have recieved so many wonderfull comments,I hope i still have enough time left to  share my experiences with as many people as I possibly can! It is so very Important  to learn that all people have the same right to live,How important it is to build a bridge between nations,without learning and sharing knowledge we will have less chance to have a future for our children,and it is the children who have to learn,they anderstanding and actions  at present and in the future will  secure to have a FUTURE.!I have experienced antisemitic remarks towards me manny times in my life ! at one of those occasions i have confronted the abusser and asked?   have you ever met or known a JEW?  greatly surprised she looked at me ……. no, not realy!  she sheepishly replyed. not expecting to be confronted. Well then tell me why are you  telling me ” you Jewed me”What does this expresion mean? I had a boutique at that gave me the wrong change.I made her count her change again….. She was wrong!I did not short change her. We had a long conversation ,and she admitted ,

she has never met a jewish person,but where she lived every body used this expresion!     my poit is ,people are so quick to  hurt or abuse       even kill others a specialy if they are of a different cread  colour or religion.  We  Should All have the same right for one shoul deside who is to live and who is to Die!  As a 5 year   old  little  jewish girl during the holocaust in Hungary,what have I or any of  the milions  of other jewish people done to deserve to be Hunted like criminals, put in gass chambers,torcherd,their children used as  guinipigs by mengele ans such? peole still  question the truth about the Holocaust.I  want to talk and tell people that it is possible to live  together in harmony with  peole who speak a different language or talk to their god in a different way.

My memoires  .. tell the true life experiences that  I have lived through.

A big thank you again  to chris and the BBC radio 4 live x


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