Interview with Oscar

My 9 year old grand sons homework was to interview  ME,his grand mothers experiences during the 2nd world war!(  on the phone)

HI nan, his clear little voice on the other end of the phone.

What was your favorite food during the war?  Aftre a short thought,

I did not have a choice,any food was my favorite food,

Yes nan,but what was your favorite?

Any food as long as i got some.  what did you eat?

Mostly Bread,if we were lucky to fine some,

Bread and cheese? he asked,

No darling,we did not get cheese.

Bread and Butter?

no darling, we had no butter.just Bread,sometimes we dunked it in a bit of oil,

Potatoes and scraps….What are scraps he wanted to know?

Scraps are what you pick up from the bins behind the hotel kitchens.

A change of subject,with new enthusiasm in his voice.

What was the Fashion like?

There   was no fashion as such,people made their own clothe,knitted scarves,wooly hats,  shoes filled with newspapers to keep warm.

Hand me downs from the red cross.

What are handmedowns?

Clothing,shoes,socks,any thing that the red cross could give you that other people gave them.

Nan,what was your fvorite TV program?

We had no TV.

But Nanny,What did you do? you were only a little girl,you must have been bored!

No darling ,I have never been bored. I used to sing,draw, invent imaginary storys,

but above all I tryed to stay ALIVE!

The phone went very silent,I heared my little grandson breathig,after a while,he had no more questions.

Then a little voice,

Thank you Nan,I love you!


2 thoughts on “Interview with Oscar

  1. Garth

    An interview simple and profound. True perspective. A true gift to posterity. Thank you Dorit, for the train of thoughts that your posting evokes in me.

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