Just as I was getting realy Big headed about my newly aquiered knowlege ,using my laptop,being a silver surfer,the pride of my grandchildren to be “Nanny” who can use the computer ,Face book, even Blogg.No mention of my Crap spelling.Bu I have managed to forget to put a dot after the www- Here I will try to rectify it!
My new Website is ” http://www.doritoliverwolff.com Hope This time I got It right.
I thought to tell you a bit more about my life,the best way is to share my website with you.I have Finished My Memoires!!!!!I think I will Give it the Title FROM SCELETON TO POPSTAR Any sugestions??I need a realy Good Punchy
interesting Title.Or do you think my new title is O.K.????



This Is My New Website!
The best Way to Let You know about Part of my Life is to read about it.
wwwDoritoliverwolff.com There is More,Much more in My memoires,I thought about the title. FROM SCELETON TO POPSTAR .
Any other sugestions????