My talks

Hello, my name is Dorit Oliver-Wolff. I am a Holocaust survivor and a public speaker, and author. I would like to offer my services as a public speaker, perhaps to be added to your speakers list.

I was recently nominated for the Resident of the Year Awards in Eastbourne and have been a well-known business woman in the town for a number of years.
My story is not an historical account of events but the life experiences of a young girl from Eastern Europe who witnessed the events of World War II as a little Jewish girl. My life experiences do not stop with the end of World War II for not only did I survive against all odds but I changed my life around, travelling the world and becoming an international recording star. I was only given six months to live yet I turned my life around, from a victim to a survivor.
I strongly believe that my talks have both an educational and inspirational background, suitable to people of all ages and in particular those who would have been my age at the time I was involved in the struggle against Nazi Germany.
Of course this has implications for every school and college’s explicit curriculum and, in particular, those students who would be involved in the subject areas covering History, Religious Education and Citizenship, let alone the discreet areas of personal relationships, politics and morality.
I believe my talks would be interesting and invaluable to students and their families, or anybody who is interested to hear my personal account of the Holocaust. After every talk I am happy to answer questions from the audience.
For testimonials about my talks please visit my website at:
Now taking bookings for 2014

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