£ 1.000. for st wilfreds,

On the 27th of January Holocaust memorial  day.  I  gave a talk  in rememberence   of the   millions of innocent  people who were so  brutaly murdered during the Holocaust! this event was organised to raise funds for our local St,Wilfreds Hospice. on this Evening I am very happy to let you now  that  with the help  and support  of the great  Public  we raised £1.000  for this great charity!        All moneys have been given to the Charity!   on public demand I have published  a little Booklet BEHIND THE SMILE ( from yellow star to pop star)  this are only    snipets from my talks and a preview from my Memoires shortly to  be Published! It was great to see how many people bought my little Booklet at only £3.50. You too can order  my Booklet from www.doritoliverwolff.com pluss P.P.


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