My Talk in the Selsea Academy was very well received.The Students were attentive  and  the teachers. welcoming,

When I see how the students want to learn all about the Holocaust ,fills my Heart with hope for the future.Only through Learning About the Horrors  of the Holocaust, can we  try to prevent  a repetition of it!

My talk at the Selsey Academy on the 18th June

Looking forward to my talk to the students at Selsey academy on the 18th June. It is expected to be over 100 students. I am very excited and looking forward to it as I am passionate about the importance of reminding the students of the Holocaust to make sure people remember this was not just a figment of people’s imagination but a sad and cruel truth. My talks are educational and a true account f events seen through the eyes of a five year old little Jewish girl. After I was given six months to live I eventually turned my life around and ironically the very people who killed my family were the ones who made me into their singing star. I will talk about my experiences, how I changed my life around, how it is possible to fulfil your dream if you want it enough. But above all I am a survivor not a victim.

Radio Solent will be interviewing me the day before my Selsey talk and will be broadcasting the interview on the 17th of June in the afternoon. Further details will be available closer to the time. 

Stephen Lloyd and I

A quote from Stephen Lloyd about my booklet, Behind The Smile: “Dorit’s story is absolutely extraordinary. Adversity beyond what most can possibly imagine and yet a constant thread of optimism, even in the worst of conditions. She is a remarkable woman and I recommend her booklet unreservedly.”