Yes!My talk at The Hydro.

My Talk At The Hydro hotel In Eastbourne Was well received! I am Glad To say It was A sell out!

The audience was Great, The Question Time Which followed after the talk Was  very interesting,  When did you retier from Singing Dorit,? this man Ask me, Well an artist never retiers ,We rest! was my reply. Then a Lady asked me,Do you Still Sing? Of course I Sing I answered,…Well then would You Sing for us a Song? It was not the First time That After My Talk Some one Would Ask Me To Sing.I was just about to tell this Lady,that There is no piano no music. But instead I agreed To sing a Song.I surprised my self by saying yes. I glanced at Frank my Huseband ,who looked at me as if I would have lost my Mind! I  chose to sing Hava na gilla,Every one was clapping to the rhythm , I pitched the right key,and Belted out  my version of Hava na Gilla Hava, I surprised my self How strong my voice still was! I have sold 20 booklets!  A very Good Day!  Sadly when I got Home ,still on cloud 9,I heard on the News That our pear Has Burned down!!!!! very sad News.


Book signing!

Not long now!!! my talk at the Hydro Hotel In Eastbourne is only few days away….30th july at their Luncheon! The food will be great as usual,exept I will be the Chery on the TOP !After my talk about my experiences During The holocaust seen through the eyes of a 5 year old little Jewish girl I will also talk about How DREAMS can Come true,
Mine did!!Even knowing that I have only 6 month to live ,at the age of 9,against All odds I became a Famous Recording-Cabaret Artist.Ironicaly it was The German People Who made me in to their Singing STAR! I will be Booklet Signing “Behind the Smile” which is a preview to my Full Memoires to Be Published Soon.Avalable on Amazon…