Dorit Oliver-Wolff

At last….I have put the Full Stop after my Last Word of  my BOOK -MEMOIRES!!!!!  It has taken me much longer then I thought.  One can only remember  a bit here a bit there, then just as you are 4 chapters further on,you remember something else.And so it goes on. Finaly it takes your life over! Things that I have tried to put out of my mind have reappeared,  Many of which have upset my life!  There are things in life that are best  “whipped out” most can not be,Me and many other Survivors just had to  learn to live with it¬  Frank is correcting my endless mistakes in my Spelling and Grammar.I need a good Editor.   Then a que of Publishers,who will fight to publish my  Story!!!!

Writing my memories  made me cry sometimes,but it also brought back some very funny times too.

The encouragement from my family   and…

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