My only crime was to be borne Jewish!   Is that Such an Unforgivable CRIME to be  punished for ?

Milions of People were Killed,torchered,Humiliated   during the Holocaust,at the age of 6,I did not even know that I was Jewish until a Woman approached my mother and me in Budapest in 1942,spat at me and yelled at me,”budosh

zsido” Stinking Jew!  This was my Introduction in to Judaism,  as we were not”” Fromm”       or practising Jews in any way, this was very surprising for me.This was when my Mother desided to go underground,in to Hyding. After this episode  my mum became very aware of how dangereous the anti-Semitism in Hungary has spread! How lucky  that I was  so very young and not  understand. My mother made a game out of the things to Come.  Being constantly on the move ,Hunger,Fear, Spending most of the Time in airraid shelters. This is my Story That I want to Share With You All.I have Finished My Memoires!!!!!!!,It is like opening a can of Worms,Things I thought I have Long Forgotten are still here with in me.  We should Have ALL the same right for LIFE and LIVING!  Why is it Such an unforgivable Crime To Be Borne Jewish?   I like being what I am,Why should I have been punished like thausends  of other Jewish People, My people Have contributed so much good to the World,Does that not count ?



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