Dreams come true – mine did!

My memoires are not straight forward. It is not a historical account of events I leave this to those who are better at it than I. As my memories of the war started when I was only 5 years old, I can not remember dates. I am just writing about my personal experiences during the Holocaust and the consequences after!!! I did not even know I was Jewish until a big fat blond woman approached my Mother and me in Budapest, spat at me and shouted “Budos Zsido” Stinking Jew!! At the age of 6 I was introduced to Judaism!!!!! After this episode my mother decided …we have to go underground. HIDING. I had to learn to do exactly as I was told!!! and I did!! Hiding, never knowing where we would sleep or when we would eat!!!!! I have been picked up by SS soldiers, put into a pre gas chamber sorting House in Budapest and been smuggled out in a dirty linen basket! I am writing about the situations I experienced. Being such a young girl had its advantages. I did not quite fully understood the severity of what was going on around me. My mother eased the fear by making a game out of the horror. I was robbed out of my childhood, but at least I am alive to tell. After the War I weighed 3 stones, lost my hair, could not stand, was given 6 month to live. SINGING kept me alive!!!! We emigrated To Israel. This was the first time in my short life, I enjoyed being Jewish!!! At the age of 15, having been extradited from Turkey, I spent a year in Germany. At the age of 16 I had to return to Istanbul to finish My A levels in a French Convent School. In order to get a visa, I had to join a “Show” Group as a Dancer. We did not read the small print before I signed the contract….instead of BALLET dancer…it was BELLY dancer!!! My double life started. During the day my hair was in plaits and school uniform. At night I wore fishnet tights false boobs and make up. I toured the middle East with the Ballet. Danced in places where customers would come and ask “How much for a short Time”? These were mostly sailors on shore leave. I of course had no idea what it meant. My life as an innocently young girl amongst prostitutes and pimps was most educational. Eventually my singing talents were discovered in Germany. Ironically it was the German public who made me in to DORIT OLIVER, the recording, TV performer who I became. My records are still being played. So you see it is very difficult to edit my Memoires. So much has happened during my life. My Memoirs must retain the authenticity of the real STORY. It is a true story of Survival. It is a success story.  DREAMS COME TRUE ……Mine DID . I need a Good Publisher. It is a good read so I have been told.


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