This is IT!

For ages I have Been TOOING and FROING about the suitable Tittle for my Memoires, It was here All the time ,I just wanted to improve it,make it sound more interesting more Punchy More of …..Buye me Buye me effect. and yet I always came back to my original Title .FROM YELLOW STAR TO POPSTAR!!! This is what my story is all about. I will stick to it! I have Finished 120.000 words.Had it Edited by a very Talented EDITOR Mike Flemming,Who is also my dear friend.He has managed to keep it, MY BOOK my Story My Memoires. English is not my first Language.Mike achieved to Let me keep my voice,but guide it in to a more disciplined manner of writing! This is so very important,I am writing My lifes Memories,not a fiction or a fairy tale ,Just as I remember it ….The way that I am now, and Who I am, is the result of many years Fighting for Survivor!
The BBC 1 Have made a Documentary about my Life During the Holocaust as a 5 year old jewish Child, Who ,instead of dying ,changed her life around to become an International Singer!This program is BBC 1 INSIDE OUT 26th Jan 2015. My Book can be ordered Direct from


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