St Pauls,Thank you!

St Pauls,Thank you!.


St Pauls,Thank you!

On Monday 23 feb. I was invited to Talk to the Students at  St.  Pauls Catholic College in Burges Hill  About my Life experiences During the Holocaust    in Hungary as a 5 year old jewish girl. The reception was yet again very well coming , I love going back

to  st.Pauls. Clair Rooney is an amazing organiser!   Thank you all for your Support .I was very pleased to recognise many Students from when I visited last time! Thank you    Rob  the “HEAD TEACHER”     for inviting Frank and me to the Musical production of Jesus Christ Superstar. We are both looking forward to seeing the Show!  I feel truly privileged  to  be able to contribute     towards the Education of such Bright and kind young People. Thank you! x

St Pauls Catholic college.

Hi St Pauls !!!!! Here I Come Again to Visit you!!!   I am really Looking Forward to  See you ALL tomorrow. I love coming to your College ,It is so refreshing and Happy to Hear your Questions at Question Time. It Is also teaching me about what Interests you. Exchanging  Thoughts and Experiences helps us become better persons.only through  learning how to Build Bridges amongst Nations will give us all a chance to avoid repetitions of what has happened in the past,not too long AGO! Telling  you  about My Life During   the Holocaust will give you the opportunity to hear and speak to a “REAL SURVIVOR”  Mine is the Story of Succsses   ,  As I have Survived,I followed my Dream, and  I feel privileged to be able To share My journey with so many of you!!!!   Life is for LIVING regardless of colour ,cread or religion!!!!