Angmering college

The Students and Teachers in Angmaring Colege were great!the question time took well over an hour!!What a joy it was to answer the Inteligent Questions. If the World Would Have More Schools and Colleges like Angmaring and The other Fantastik Educational places that I had the Great Privilege To visit And Share My Life Experiences During The Holocaust , as a 5 year old jewish girl. Last week I visited Havant academy and Selsea academi also Uckfield college, When I go to St. Pauls It feel like comming Home. With fantastic people like these. The world would be a better place and Humanity will have a chance to live in Harmony!



Havant Academy,Such modern equipment  The screens were all around the Room! Both Students and the Staff were so great,Thank you Gemma King and every one at the HAVANT ACADEMY for giving me such a warm Wellcome!

My talk at UCTC colege …uckfield

Had a wonderfull  well come in uckfield   UCTC College where I had been invited to talk  to the Students About My Experiences

During the Holocaust in Hungary as A 5 year old little jewish girl. The students were very attentive and welcoming as were the Teachers!  Thank you for taking the Time and Listen,