Eastbourne Book Festival

Whilst it is wonderful to have lots of sunshine in Eastbourne, this time we could have done with a bit of rain to get more visitors in to the Underground Theatre to attract more people and buy more books!!! 😀

We had a constant flow of people who were very complimentary and enjoyed the presence of so many authors. Quite a few of them were best selling authors! Unfortunately I am not one of them…. yet!

Watch this space when I will write ‘From Yellow Star To Pop Star – Dorit Oliver-Wolff Best Selling Author’ (I should be so lucky!)

Both New Eastbourne Writers and Anderida Writers were present including authors from other parts of the south. I made new friends and was very pleased to hug old friends. It was quite a huggy experience, I even sold a few books!

It was wonderful to see my friend Caroline Ansell MP who despite her very busy life visited the Underground Theatre to support the Eastbourne Book Festival:


James Lovegrove and little me, rubbing shoulders with the best selling author and hoping a bit of success will rub off on my book:


Richard Masefield and I are both with Red Door Publishing. I am glad that we have also become friends:


My display of my published books at the Eastbourne Book Festival:


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