MAGIC ,Christmas  stil  has that Magic Feeling for me.I would Like to Share this magic  with you ALL. Wishing you a very happy Festive Season  PEACE.PEACE and More PEACE!!! and a  Happy Year to come xxx

As if it was yester day!

75 years ago I too was a little refugee! Looking in to the eyes of the children  is so sad and painfull,poor,poor children.

It is Always the children who suffer. No one is asking them if they want to loose their homes their friends their families. travel in to a far away distant land, not knowing what to expect,

History is repeating it self,75 years ago I was just 5 years old. unknown to my self I was jewish!! we were not religious,  so we never talked about religion at home. In 1941 the Germans  carpet Bombed Belgrade .we run for our lives out of the Burning city . Walking to Budapest with my mum,only to find that the Hungarians  were dedicated to kill every jew they could find!  We had to hide ,never knowing  were we could sleep or who would  give us Food. The refugees were not welcomed or helped in Hungary.Most of the refugees were Jewish.If found out  , a sure transport to the gass chamber or concentration camp.The only hope to survive was to hide.4 years of this unbelievable horror.when the RED Army liberated us,we were hiding in a bombed out derelict cellar.I was 9 years old weighed

3 and a half stones,lost my hair had pneumonia.pleuracy and could not stand , I was too weak.I was given 6 month to live! we repatriated to Yugoslavia only to find that All my Familly were murdered by the Nazis!Nothing to stay for.Emigrated to Israel then Turkey,grece cyprus Germany. We were refugees!!!!!

50 years ago I have stopped being a refugee and being Homeless.I am  a proud resident in England,I am greatfull to have been accepted,

Sad to see how History is repeating it self!!!!