From Yellow Star to Pop Star by Dorit Oliver-Wolff

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From Yellow Star to Pop Star by Dorit Oliver-Wolff

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A deeply moving memoir and a unique insight to an inspirational woman who survived the Nazis to tell her story


Once in a while a memoir lands on my desk, when From Yellow Star to Pop Star by Dorit Oliver-Wolff arrived I kept it on my desk as this is a woman I already knew from articles in newspapers. This is her story in her own words. A remarkable woman, a very brave woman.

Dorit Oliver-Wolff born Theodora Handler was born in Novi Sad in 1936. In 1941 While living in Belgrade she witnessed the bombing of the city and the horrific scenes no child should ever have to see. This was the start of the invasion. Along with her mother they managed to the hills. From here on they would be running and hiding, escaping…

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8o years of my Life!

And what a life! From the age of 5,When Beograd was bombed and my family had to run….Run for our lives.we

never stopped,  we never could. stopping meant to get caught,to be killed. once you are a “runner” you are always a “runner” 

I never imagined that I would reach this age. Other people get to be 80,

But never me! I hardly noticed how time and Life have gone by.

I am not ready yet to be OLD!  When is one old anyway?

I have so much to do , unfinished    projects Talks More Book,And my Songs! I will celebrate the life that was given to me.I am not ready yet

to  let go.I want to share my  exitment with my friend to have reached

This Good AGE of 80.  xxx