About the blog

It is not that I want to remember – it is simply  I CANNOT FORGET.

A certain sound, maybe just a smell or even a tune can trigger endless memories of my childhood which I spent in Hungary during the II World War.

I was just a 5 year old little Jewish girl when the Holocoust started …

I was born to sing.  Singing kept me sane and safe.  Singing help me survive.  Singing brought me fame.


5 thoughts on “About the blog

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  2. Ian Slaney

    Hi Dorit, Both my wife and I listened to your interview on Radio 4 Saturday Live today and were very impressed with your story. Particularly the stroke of luck you had with the German soldier who at the interrogation centre helped you to escape. They weren’t all bad were they – but enough of them were.
    My wife is German and we have lots of family and friends in Germany, also I know many ex-Wermacht soldiers so we have come to know much more of the whole awful story than many others, particularly in this country. I sometimes despair of the attitudes I find in the UK and I think that listening to you this morning has described things that should never be forgotten.
    I think the problem here is that we are too ready to go off to war somewhere or other because that is what we do – we go to war and then we come back. I think if that if, like you and the rest of Europe, war had been visited upon us our attitudes would be rather different.
    God bless you and thank you for your witness.

  3. Debby Taylor

    Heard the interview on Radio 4 this morning. What an amazing story. Afterwards, thought I would look you up on the net and see if you had published your memoires. Look forward to seeing them in print and will definitely buy a copy.

  4. Dori…I am a member of the Holocaust Educators Group on Linked-In and just “followed” your blog… very inspiring! Be encouraged, it sounds as if you’re having great impact on hearts and minds…

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